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Come in, come in!

If you’re looking for information about giving back–both volunteering time and donating money–you’ve come to the right place.

It’s a topic that fascinates me, to the point of writing  a book about it.

Giving Back:  Discovering your Values and Putting them in Action   is not available yet, but the ideas are formed, and rather than wait until there’s an honest-to-goodness book with pages (or even an eBook with virtual pages), I’ll use this site as a way to share some of those ideas.

In addition to content from the book, I’ll also write some stand-alone blog posts:

  • Shorter, “half-baked” pieces
  • Book reviews or pointers to other resources
  • Notes from meetings and talks on the topic
  • Responses to questions or reactions to comments
I look forward to the journey, and will close with a quick acknowledgment to Eugene Eric Kim, who told me the right way to write a book is to start a blog.  Hey, it only took me 8 months to agree!