Book Status Update

Just a quick note that I’ve reached the next stage in the writing process:  sent off a complete draft to an editor.  (To several, actually.  But I’m very excited about one…)  It’s made me think that editors are unsung heroes–like batting coaches.  The good ones have a huge hand in the final product, but aside from a small mention in the acknowledgments, basically get no public credit for the work they do.

While it looks like I *could* maintain the original time line, with a “Fall 2011” publication (which would give me to December 21st, I guess), it looks like I’ll add another step into my process and have a professional designer work magic on it.  I’m not sure exactly how long that will take, but I’m near certain that it’ll be 2012 before you’ll find it on Amazon.


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  1. Geoff says:

    Good work Steve but does this mean I have to scratch off your book from the gifts I was going to give this Christmas? 🙂

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